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an undocumented housekeeper. she wept after nine years, she says she went to whitman to ask for help in becoming a legal resident. >> and then, i said meg, please, can you help me? she was very upset. and said no. and you don't know me. and i have never seen you. >> she says whitman fired her and had previously ignored letters from social security administration questioning the housekeeper's legal status. attorney gloria allred quoted from a letter. >> asked the employee to give you the name social security number as it appears on the card. >> saying whitman received multiple requests and whitman denies it. >> we never received that
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letter. we hired our nicky through an employment agency. and you know, had relied on them to verify she was legal to work here. >> whitman's campaign supplied this copy of the agency's application showing her name and social security number. >> and she came over on a saturday to our house and said i feel terrible. i have to tell you i'm not here legally. >> whitman says her former housekeeper is now being manipulated by gloria allred. abc 7's political analyst says this could cut both way autos it depends how far she can take this in terms of documenting her version of the story. >> and saying on the other hand if the story holds up, it could be tainted by what amounts to a political smear.
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>> there is going to be suspicion the story was either planted or encouraged by the brown people. >> is gloria allred going to come up with a letter saying... >> not to my knowledge. >> and jerry brown saying after more than a year, we learn that accountability doesn't extend to her actions. brown's campaign denied our request. >> and did meg whitman turn the name into the ins? >> no. and when pressing her she said first we have to secure our borders and fwhot give me an answer. i think she's trying to walk the line. >> exactly right. >> yeah. >> that brings us to our next
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story meg whitman has been courting that vote. polls show she's been making a lot of headway there. what happens now? >> wheg whitman... >> according to the hispanic volt has been a corner stone of whitman's campaign. it seemed the strategy was working a cord together field poll, whitman was gaining on jerry brown with the latino community making up 15% of the california voters. the polls just six days ago shows brown with 43% of the latino vote and whitman, 40%. a gap of just 3%. and now, with accusations whitman hired an undocumented worker, oakland city councilman believes many will back away. >> there is no question about it. and i when people talk about immigration, immigrant people and they abuse them and use them. i don't think the meg is any
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different. i think that will make a difference to latino voter autos and would you vote for her or not based on this? >> i was planning to vote for her. i'm a democrat. boy vote for brown. >> susan raske from the school of judicialism. >> i would say it doesn't hurt her as much as one might think it might. because latino voters in this state were probably going to be voting democratic anyway. >> this oakland republican says the accusations won't sway her on election day. she'll vote for whitman. >> i don't think it's there for anyone to be talking about this stuff. >> does it matter to you? >> no. >> one thing whitman may have in her favor. a field poll shows illegal imzbraigs not among the top five issues voters will consider when selecting a governor.
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>> and there is a surprise from san francisco federal building. a judge ruling in favor of same-sex marriage is stepping down. judge vaughn walker notified the president today he'll retire in february. he's 66 years old and has been a federal judge 21 years and was chief judge in northern california since 2004. his decision striking down pop 8, a ban on same-sex marriage is being challenged on appeal. >> and perhaps no one is more anxious to see lawmakers pass a budget than parents with children in state-operated day care centers. hundreds marched today to protest a state's overdue budget. abc 7 is here to explain why they're being so vocal. >> we've heard lawmakers and the governor saying they're close to reaching a deal. and parents of kids in these child care centers trying to put added pressure today by organizing a pretty big march and rally called the closure for a cause. there is no kids at this
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center in fremont today. instead they were marching alongside parents who were calling for an end to the state record budget impass. >> we've decided that drastic action was needed. without a budget we might have to shut doors down. >> temporarily until there is a budget in place. fremont cased runs 41 centers in the bay area. july 1 the state stopped funding them and every child care fa sill any california. and they've been paying staff yugsing cash reserves and lines of credit. teachers also took a pay cut. >> it's worth it to us to keep our jobs and us to keep spots for children. >> and their money runs out in november. state budgets have been overdue in the past and nonprofits like this one have boryed from banks before. but this year is different. >> the difference this year is that republicans and governor are saying we're no longer going fund child care.
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banks look and say okay. we're not going to loan you money because we're not going get paid back. >> at noon, state senator joined appearances as they moved towards oakland. >> the major cuts the governor proposed are off the baseball. so there are cuts but not major cuts that would have gotten rid of our system as we know it. >> i think the senator is probably right. until this is over, it's not over. >> the centers give children living and under served communities a level playing field. >> i want them to have a good head start. >> reality is that many parents could shrimp not work. i heard one aid say if you think california's
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unemployment numbers are bad they'll only get worse if the ill deel is not reached soon. >> and the san jose letter carrier injured in a dog attack today on his beat in almaden valley neighborhood two. dogs broke through a fence, one of them bit the carrier on an on the arms and feet. the dog was impounded with the german sheperd. the carrier identified as a 10 year veteran of the postal service. neighbors heard screams and helped until paramedic arrived. >> i just heard screaming. i was very, like in, pain screaming. i ran out the front door and there he was between the driveways holding his arm. >> blood was coming out. >> yes. >> juan has several puncture marks on each of his fore arms, left and right on his left foot. as well as an abrasion where he fell after the dog clamped
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on to his left foot. he fell to the ground. >> and the mailman was treated. dogs owners have been in trouble twice before for allowing them to run loose. >> shooting of a 6-year-old girl in her home is putting a spotlight where gang violence is pro live rating. it's an area why people are frayed to go out of their homes at night. some worry about going out at all. >> leslie ramez's home is at the end of the block here. in fact a police unit pulled up in front of her house just moments ago. i talked with officers and the investigation is still going on there. have been no arrests and tell me leslie is doing okay. and police believe they were gang members that fired more than 30 rounds into the house, stit hitting leslie in the arm. hers was the fourth shooting in the past 48 hours here in oakland.
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>> so, i responded to calls to gunshots here. >> officer is a combat veteran and an oakland cop 10 years two, of them patrolling streets of east oakland. he says good people live here but streets can turn mean if the sun goes down. you don't have to tell that to albert. he lives where the 6-year-old was shot yesterday morning. >> it's dangerous for me coming out here, day, and night. >> why? >> why? there is not enough police out here. >> officer would be the fairs agree. he says layoffs and attrition have meant 120 fewer cops on the force. and he used to have the a partner now riding alochbl he patrols several miles of east oakland n 28 square blocks, there have been 21 crimes
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reported this month. and include shootings, robberies and assaults. >> gang violence and narcics activity. >> investigators believe leslie ramez's home was shot up by gang members probably targeting her older brother, richard. he told abc 7 news he's not a gang member. but his home is tagged with gang graffiti. it's hard to find a sidewalk or wall that doesn't have graffiti from the gang that rules this turf. >> now, the most prominent gang in the area. >> he says they roam the neighborhood more than ever and there are now fewer cops there. >> they get out wearing their colors roaming around just a sign that they can do what they want. >> he tries to get kids out of gangs and says leslie's shooting may have been prevented. >> it's representative of just escalating violence happening the city.
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and when there aren't a lot of supports, i think that these types of incidents happen. >> and like police, money has become a big problem for the gang intervention groups. and they're funding has been cut or being threatened. police say so far this year, there have been 300 -- 370 shootings in oakland. not all shooters hit their targets spots but indicates a sear yugs problem. vic lee abc 7 news. >> and still ahead here tonight survivors of a pipeline explosion. going to follow up with a family making the best of a neighborhood tragedy. >> and also ahead tonight plans for california's first execution in five years. why it's now been formally called off. >> and did you have a pension and not know it? 32,000 people do. 7 on your side is coming up. >> and relief from heat is
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here. i'm spencer christian.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. the state attorney general formally called off the san quentin execution schedule for tomorrow night. albert greenwood brown due to be the first person to be put to death in california in nearly five years convicted of raping and murdering a 15-year-old girl in riverside 30 years ago. and after losing an appeal of that decision today, the attorney general conceded it
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will not be able to go forward with the execution. a complicating factor in all this, drug use and injection expires at midnight tomorrow night. and there won't be anymore available until next year. >> for the people who live through it this has been the longest three weeks of their lives, three weeks ago tomorrow that a neighborhood in san bruno exploded and burned with deadly consequences. and there is an ongoing struggle owe move forward. >> one family today, ted and marra told us they're so grateful for the community generosity for their bosses understanding and flexibility and for the city's responsiveness but yes, it's a daily grind. >> i find myself going i'll just reach for this. and you know... there are that is not there. >> this is the new normal for the gurero.
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the family of four renting a house about a block and a half from their old home. and it was damaged beyond repair by the san bruno explosion and fire. moving forward has been challenging. >> there is no play book. and there is no framework. would have been helpful if someone said you know this is happening before to other people. and here, these are the steps you need to follow. >> this is as if the old life has been erased. maura sends days trying to reconstruct it they're able to order social security guards and for my children able to order birth certificate autos pg&e cut us a check them said it's one of those no obligation things. homeowner insurance i called them the day it happened because i thought that is what i'm supposed to do. we've gotten checks from them. >> they plan to rebuild and
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say the city has been responsive. the city has assigned a liaison, putting together a list of licensed arkt teches and working on a plan to expedite the process. >> i think we've been effective. i think key is just maintaining contact and being there for them when they need help. >> it's on a fast three weeks. >> and this county still slow going in terms of tearing down red tagged homes. 31 homeowners including gureroes have given permission for that demolition. nine houses have been cleared so far. >> thank you. >> and a police officer from the army reserve base was wounded this morning at a castro valley shooting range during routine training at the
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gun club. the federal officer accidentally shot himself in the leg. parks is in dublin 11,000 bay area based army reserve troops train there. >> and a hero honored in oakland today. the california patrol gave commissioner award for action to dax a canine cop. and this is through streets of oakland last january. the suspect ditched his car trying to break into a house when dax chased him down and held him until human officers can get there. >> dax looks pleasant. >> low key. >> and intim dating. >> heat is holding on. there is a cool down today along the coast and around the bay. and there is five loks that topped out in triple digits.
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there is a live view looking towards golden investigate. there is a cooling fog pressing through golden gate and that is what is going to be responsible. we're feeling spots looking at highs today 102 in livermore. and there is 100 in antioch and concord. and there is where you can see temperatures dropping off significantly around the bay and coastline. and there is temperatures up 97 degrees in antioch. 96 concord. 74 in owningland. only 63 in san francisco. 24 hour change is sig kanlt. just 24 hours ago 16 degrees warmer in santa rosa. and there is 14 degrees cooler in oakland. and so that is impressive.
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coastal fog continues pressing inland tonight. and we'll see temperatures below average on sunday and possibly monday as well. this afternoon satellite close up image shows a little bit of fog just beginning its return to the coastline. there is a strengthening onshore flow. cooling is underway and will be for a while. following a time line starting 11:00 tonight we'll see fog pushing locally inland tonight bringing back to the coastline but not way it from tomorrow there. will be a stronger flow and temperatures will be falling or temperatures will be more fall like. and there is one or two places topping out in low 80s. there is low temperatures on the mild side down into the south bay. lows will not drop below 60 degrees. and there is mid to upper 50s up in the north skbai along the coastline there. is a presence of fog. tomorrow into the south bay sunny skies and we'll see
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highs only into 80s, 84 in san jose and campbell. and there is about 87 in los gatos. and there is low 60s on the coast and in and around san francisco, highs of 66 downtown. and there is lots of 70s to 80s into the north bay. and there is near east bay highs upper 60s to 70s. and inland we'll see upper 80s in warmest spots. and near monterey bay 64 monterey. and 80s inland. here is the accu-weather forecast. there is cooling continuing and sunday, highs only upper 70s, and on the coast upper 60s and gradual warming into mid week next week looking more fall like. >> yes and a lot more comfortable. >> and just ahead tonight obstacles standing in the way of building a high speed rail system.
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>> and how yikts hope to iron out their differences over it. back in a moment. @t
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you can see
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officials in danville's catholic church believe someone is embezzling church money. police confirm they're looking
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into the case. danville police chief does say it's a complex investigation but hopes to be able to send the case to the district attorney soon, meaning arrests. the church pastor told parishioners about the investigation last sunday. and no word on how much money may be missing. >> critics trying to put the brakes on high speed rail in california. the man in charge spoke to business leaders about some challenges. here is the. >> reporter: report california voter as proved a nearly $10 billion bond for high speed rail but in a current price tag of $43 billion, will need more than that bond. >> today i'm more confident than ever the project can, and will be bought. >> the new ceo told business leaders funding is the single biggest obstacle facing the
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project expecting it to come from the private sector and federal government. he says there is momentum to provide about $1.5 billion and idea for an infrastructure bank. >> which is another possibility to make an infrastructure development bank. ideas are being floated which will fund a gain projects of the nature. >> another challenge are peninsula cities unhappy with rail authority and it's plans for how to put trains through city autos how do you separate those trains from those cars and going at 120 miles per hour? so do you raise the train 30 into the air? destroy, create a scar down a community? no. >> trains will use the right of way but in spots it's too narrow. only 60 feet instead of the needed 80. >> there is some options that are narrower.
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it's not to have an impact on the properties adjacent to the right of way. >> the important part is high speed rail authority staff and the board have to listen a little more paying attention to what the community is saying. >> saying construction needs to start in 2012. abc 7 news. >> and new at 6:30 tonight an update on the 7.2 earthquake struck today in the tsunami alert that went out because of it investigators uncovering plans for a multi city terrorist attack. why much of europe has been placed on high alert tonight. >> and planting roots of peace. the new school now open in afghanistan thanks to a
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[ male announcer ] sacramento and silicon valley are only one hundred thirty miles apart. they may as well be on different planets. sacramento, mismanaged, ineffective. silicon valley gave us apple, intel, ebay. here meg whitman started with 30 people. led them. managed them. executed the plan that grew this main street company to fifteen thousand employees and made small business dreams come true. to change california let's send meg whitman up the road... about a hundred and thirty miles. two powerful earthquakes hit off the island nation of ind niche yachl the first
6:32 pm
measuring 6.6 followed up by a 7.. a town on a nearby island was shaken but there were no immediate reports of injuries or damage. the fakes drk-cake quakes centered seven miles beneath the ocean floor. >> and across europe tonight officials are on the hunt for al qaeda operatives. torerists trying to launch deadly attacks like those two years ago at hotels in mum buy, authorities believe. and there is glowing -- growing concern tonight tacks may be imminent. officials are on high alert after learning of plans of a multi city attack. authorities are searching for commandos allegedly planning raids similar to what happened two years ago in mumbai, india. athakz time would be launched in britain, france, and germany. >> comes out of mature any ni style of attacks pakistan has been sadly having for a long
6:33 pm
time. also that the soldiers are seeing afghanistan. >> word came from a german jihadist captured over the summer. the german trained in a terror camp in pakistan. officials looking for other radicalized germans in that country. the terror group have tried to gain recruits using video autos they're a threat. not only to germans, germany but also to our allies and u.s.. because they're anti-american. >> german officials say some came from the same mosque where some of the september 11th hijackers gathered. in yemen a radical cleric and his forces have been using the internet to inspire americans to join a jihad. authorities say the group operating in yemen poses the most serious threat to american cities. officials don't have specific information about targets but note it seems more likely in europe.
6:34 pm
officials are concerned al qaeda afill yates may carry out attacks in coordinated fashion saying the captured german told them the tacks were approve bid osama bin laden. >> and new information on the times square bombing plot a cording to documents filed today the would be bomber thought he'd be able to kill 40 people. and planned to detonate a second bomb in new york city two weeks later. he was arrested may 3, two days after his suv was found packed with explosives. he has pleaded guilty and will be sentenced next week. >> the obama administration placed eight officials from iran on a financial black list today. the state department says they were responsible for beatings, killings and torture for the disputed presidential election last year. freezing u.s. assets the officials might hold and prohibits americans from doing business with them. secretary of state clinton says it's the first time the
6:35 pm
u.s. imposed sanks on iran for human rights violation autos we declare our solidarity with victims and all iranians who wish for a government that respects their human rights, dignity and freedom. >> among eight on the list is the commander of the islamic revolutionary guard accused of carrying out many attacks. >> and two cure ragis bay area women just returned from afghanistan after delivering on a promise. they used a pennies raise bid children in this country to build a new school for girls in that country. cheryl jennings is here with the remarkable story. >> this is the second brand new school to be built in afghanistan by the roots of peace childrens' penny campaign. soon, those children will also have access to the internet. >> these young afghan boys sang for a opening ceremony
6:36 pm
for a new high school of their sisters in afghanistan. it's high on the mountains in an elevation of nearly 10,000 feet. these are pictures from roots of peace this, is the only high school for girls here paid for with pennies raised by children from san francisco bay area and around the world. and they joined the campaign co-founded by a mother of four and her daughter kylie. >> i was approached by dr. habibi sararbai. >> she asked heidi to promise to build a school for girls here. she attended the school's dedication this fall. >> they know we're there. and we're helping afghan people. >> heidi and kylie were joined by heidi's husband, gary who was there inspecting agricultural programs led by roots of peace.
6:37 pm
students received brand new computers, they also returned to the first school built by the childrens penny campaign back in 2006. and there, they delivered more brand new computers. >> we believe that through education, and agriculture, that this country will be lifted up they dedicated a new computer lab to diane disney miller walt disney's daughter for the largest private donation to roots of peace to remove land mines. kylie was just 18 on the first visit in 2005. ways with her and heidi when kylie saw children studying under a tent in the hot sun. she promised to get a school built. these children are now grateful. >> we learn and understand.
6:38 pm
kylie, you've helped our school loot of work but being able to see the smiles on these student faces here, all worth it. >> it's just incredible. and well, u.s. military is working to get solar power to the area. to power the childrens computers. the penny campaign has raised $50 million pennies since starting seven years ago. if you'd like to get your school involve there'd is a link to their web site abc 7 look under see it on tv. >> and that makes a difference. >> it's incredible. >> a great personal risk too. >> and thanks. >> and still to come tonight, 7 on your side ends a womens's pension nightmare. >> where to find out if you have a pension thatttttttttttttt
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a warning about f.yir about to put a newborn to bed. don't use a sleep positioner. a dozen infants died over 13 years while sleeping on positioners like these. an infant can suffocate or get trapped between the positioner and side of the crib. doctors say doctors -- babies should be put on their backs just do not use a sleep positioner. >> we want to update you tonight on a 7 on your side report. about a month ago michael finney introduced to us a woman who retired but couldn't get her pension. and he's back tochl plain how
6:42 pm
this mess got worked out. >> yeah imagine going through that in this economy. it would be bad any time. and we're putting together our initial report we considered this an emergency. money is always been a little tight for lilly wagner, but now, it's worse than before. >> medicare cut back. and they cut my check down and so, it's like, i'm desperate. >> lilly knew she had a small pension coming but couldn't get her hands on the cash. >> i tried to get a hold of the retirement. and... i coo there, is no comment back. my letter came back to me.. >> and lilly worked in the sola optical factory in this building nine years. the factory was sold, then later moved on. her retirement seemingly fading along with this sign. >> so then, i called michael finney. >> i'm glad you did.
6:43 pm
>> lilly told me the story, showed me papers and turns out pension was administer baid company called pilkton. we made contact and they came through. >> now, my retirement, they said it may not come in, the first of the month. if it doesn't, i'll get two checks. and september 1, and that is why we've contacted lilly again this, month to make sure she got the cash. she did. >> and that brings me to you. and could you have money coming from a past employer or from a relative who has since passed away who was owd a retirement? there is a government agency called the pension benefit guarantee corporation. pbgc. if a company or plan goes broke, these guys step in. >> if someone is elible they can usually get it within months. will be some procedure where you can submit paper work,
6:44 pm
establish identities. but it is only a couple months where things can be straightened ut. >> if plan is still in operation of the company you worked for has been sold, you're going have to put that together and track it down yourself g luck on the internet. will take you time. and with that, the best starting point is a search on bpgc web site. we have a link. just go to our web site and click on 7 on your side. we're looking at numbers and 32,000 individuals have retirements they're not claiming. >> really? >> yes. >> okay. >> and that could be anyone, go look. >> new coach now calling shots for 49er autos will the faithful see a difference out faithful see a difference out there on
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our state has a huge deficit. meg whitman's plan will make it billions worse by eliminating the capital gains tax for wealthy investors, including herself. economists say her plan will "rip a hole in the budget" and is "deeply flawed". analysts for the l.a. times say whitman's plan is a "pure handout" to the rich creating a "huge risk" to schools and public safety. jerry brown's against this unfair giveaway because it will take billions from our children when we can least afford it. get california working again-for all of us.
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a major endorsement of electric cars, general motors says it's putting $23 million into making components for electric cars in a plant in baltimore. some unable to come from stimulus funds. an official from google said
6:48 pm
in hong kong today the company's future in china remains uncertain. google removed it's search engine from the chinese internet a sensorship dispute. prices on wall street slipped today but unless there is a major nosedive tomorrow, this will be the best quarter in a year. the dow, nasdaq and s and p 500 fell a bit today. because of the future does remain uncertain, liberty mutual cancelled plans for what would have been the biggest initial public stock offering of the year. >> and those big changes for 49ers now in place. >> yes. and the question is will we see a difference? >> we'll find out sunday. and will a new cofencive coordinator light a fire under that offense? he better. and the niners head to atlanta way record having dumped jimmy ray promoted mike johnson. he's a new play caller for the team. mike shumann with more on niners you'd have to say
6:49 pm
they're desperate for a win on sunday. the 49ers coordinator is ready to put his stamp on the offense. >> he's going to bring his energy and philosophy, you know torkts table now. >> he feels comfortable looking forward to tweaking offense to utilize the weapons they have. >> i think just kind of everybody's experience. not only mine. i think finding strengths to make play autos but there is one thing that won't change. >> i want a physical offense. and whether running for passing the still. >> there is general excitement. the players heard they're changing offensive coordinators. makes you wonder was the team losing faith? you have a pack moving together. they can choose one off here and there.
6:50 pm
and making sure i have a hand on the team at all times. >> we'll take a check sunday in atlanta. >> and for raiders they have a difficulty a grasp. three misses were fatal and because offense keeps getting dogged down in red zone. raiders tied foremost trips inside of the yard line. and the third worst percentage in nfl. something has got to change we're getting in there a lot. now, we just have to convert this touchdown and can see it's just little things. it's tuning them up and getting the experience with guys. and knowing what they're going to do. >> it's the speed of oregon against brute force of stanford. college football. saturday, pac-10 top 10 clash a test of wills. cardinal used to be a finesse team.
6:51 pm
not anymore. they're taking on personality of their head coach. ducks want to turn every game into a track meet. creating mismatches then leave you in their wake. and harbaugh says it's a great week to be coaching. >> this is probably the easiest week in the season to be a coach. because you know, when you're giving coaching points and putting in game plan, players are just locked right there. they want to absorb everything. >> we'll have the game live at 5:00. we'll have highlights. and up by two, with five games left, a magic number is four. the giants seem to be right on track z for clinching a playoff spot. and there is a's and angels got the start for the a's. and there is kramer six and two thirds allowing only one
6:52 pm
run in three hits. and there is a game tied up at one apiece. ending up going extra spot at the 10. brad ziegler gets a fly ball to left. it's on to 11th inning. and it's disneyland late today after this game. there is a's back in third place have to win out to finish at 500, four games left. >> okay. >> and thank you. >> yes. >> and let's get another check of the accu-weather forecast. >> not nearly as hot. >> and break out champagne or iced tea. because it's cooling down. starting with forecast animation beginning at 11:00 tonight. fog at the coast pushing locally inland. cooling has begun. and nice onshore flow is developing. winning -- continuing into tomorrow. we'll have a much cooler day than last few days. high temperatures around the bay area tomorrow low 60s, low to mid 60s near the coast.
6:53 pm
70s around the bay. mainly 80s warmest inland areas up to 90 in spots. and monterey bay, 75 in santa cruz. 80s in morgan hill and gilroy. and there is triple digits. here is the accu-weather forecast. and the cooling continues throughout the weekend and sunday will be the coolest day in the forecast period with inland highs only into 70s. up to about 70 around the bay and upper 50s on the coast. ask and then, warming mid week next week. but not into the triple digit range. >> a break from that. >> coming up, pancakes you know not just for breakfast anymore. >> pancake tortoises new to the oakland zoo. we'll showowowowowowowowowowowow
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>> here is a look at top seven stories on our web site right now. >> hope you can join me tonight at 9:00 on cable channel 13. at that time, parents behaving badly. emotions erupting in a peewe. football game. >> and then at 11:00 a san francisco first tonight a
6:57 pm
store pokeusing on jobs for transgender employee autos we'll see you then. but finally if you're name is maple, flap jack or mrs. buttermilk you might be a pancake tortoise. >> that is the species in these new oakland zoo residents. they're unusual in several ways, coming from bronx, the bronx zoo, anyway. >> and flipping on their backs they can right themselves which is rare for a tortoise. >> and these are the fastest of all tortoises. that is relative. >> this is mrs. butterworth, i thought was the name. a fast term. >> exactly. >> that is our report. thanks for watching. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. thanks for joining us everyone. [ female announcer ] jerry brown and oakland's schools.
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what were the facts? fact: march 7, 2000. brown asks voters for new mayoral power to appoint school board members.
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he gets it, and promises better schools. but the drop out rate increases...50%. the school budget goes into a 100 million dollar deficit. the schools become so bad...the state has to take them over. it was "largely a bust," he admitted. jerry brown. failure as governor. failure as mayor. failure we can't afford now. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. this is "jeopardy!" here are today's contestants-- a mom and graduate student from buffalo, new york... a legal assistant from washington, d.c... and our returning champion-- a newspaper reporter from chicago, illinois... whose 4-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"--

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